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agnese aljena

Hi, my name is Agnese.

I am writing from my happy place – in the midst of paint tubes, wet brushes, spray cans, different strange household tools dipped in paint. Dirty hands and dripping everything. Returned to my body between two layers in a painting. Now watching the paint dry. Isn’t it beautiful? I really appreciate the possibilities this life offers. I could be in an office or in front of a large room full of students. I chose this one – my beautiful mess.

I have always liked the concept of life as a game. The game without clear rules. Even without a pre-defined goal. I can play with my words, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. And I play with my understanding of this world.

When I want to notice the world around me I take my camera. When I wish to observe more closely I take watercolors and a pen. And when I want to experience the human inner world I take bigger brushes, thicker paint, and larger canvas. I am the same. The world is the same. My expression differs.